1999 Apple Studio Display 17″

Applies to:

  • Apple Studio Display Blue&White (17″)
  • Apple Studio Display Graphite (17″)

Component affected:

  • Board


  • Popping or cracing sound
  • Electrical discharge
  • Spontaneous image ‘zooming’ or ‘shrinking’

Apple Repair program:
Started: August 23, 2001
Ended: September 8, 2005
Archived URL: https://web.archive.org/web/20030310194125/http://docs.info.apple.com:80/article.html?artnum=88195
Current URL: N/A

The Issue:
It is widely believed that the flyback transformer fails in these monitors due to excessive heat. The 17″ model was most affected by this problem but the 21″ suffered from it as well. Apple only covered the 17″ model however and only if you specifically referenced the Knowledge Base article #88195. Without mentioning that kbase article, it has been said Apple support would simply play dumb and deny this being a known issue.

The Fix:
Some DIY hobbyists have succesfully replaced the flyback transformer themselves and restored functionality. Once we have more information on this or perhaps a guide, we will post it here.

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