2013 Mac Pro – GPU Failure

Applies to:

  • Mac Pro (Late 2013)

Component affected:

  • AMD FirePro D500
  • AMD FirePro D700


  • Distorted video
  • No video
  • System instability
  • Freezing
  • Restarts
  • Shut downs
  • Prevent system from starting up

Apple Repair program:
Internal only.
This repair program was never published on their website and only mentioned in Apple internal documents.
Affected Mac Pro’s, according to Apple, were manufactured between February 8, 2015 and April 11, 2015.
Eligible Mac Pro models affected by the video issues could be repaired free of charge until May 30, 2018.

Keep in mind that sales of the 2013 Mac Pro were underwhelming to say the least since day one. Machines manufactured in early 2015 were likely sold well into 2016 and even 2017 as sales continued to decline year over year due to it receiving no hardware spec updates. At the time of writing (mid 2019) there are still reports popping up all the time about these GPU’s failing in large communities such as the MacProUpgrade facebook group.

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